Advisory in Asset Acquisition

The hospitality advisory team is adding expertise from hotel and underwriting managers, real estate valuers, asset managers and lawyers.

  • We search and originate investment opportunities thanks to our access to NPL and RE markets. We have analyzed all kind of investment profiles in hotel assets and touristic lodging.
  • With experience in hotel asset valuation. We can prepare a new business model strategy, positioning and re-branding. As well as value-added business cases.
  • During the analysis and repositioning of hotel assets, we offer our experience elaborating Capex and renovation projects.
  • We do also have the capacity to supervise works as project managers. From planning to construction, we monitor it to control budget, quality of works, contingencies, and timeline. We deliver services to manage any urbanistic and legal risk.

Asset Management

We are hotel managers and know the touristic market and every micro-destination in South Europe. We work with the industry information and statistics in order to be always updated of its evolution. Our commitment is to manage sustainable, digital, and profitable hotel business.

  • Operating Management – Expert team of over 30 years of experience in managing all short of business models and type of contracts with owners and operators: management, franchise, and leasing.
  • Asset Management – Once the most profitable business model and hotel positioning is defined, we can supervise and monitor the operator and its management from all different angles of the business.
    We know the market: its demand, the supply changes, and future challenges. Our hotel team can provide services of quality audits and operational management monitoring.

Divestment of Hotels

A service that covers all phases of the hotel sales process.

  • We create and execute a successful exit strategy to obtain the highest possible price for each property in the shortest possible time.
  • To do so, we considered all aspects: most appropriate buyer, timing of the sale, intangible value, exit terms, valuation of the brand and team.